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How to Properly Care For Your Swimwear

Steps to ensure your swimwear remains in top condition

Sun, salt, sand, sunscreen & sweat - just a lovely little list of things getting absorbed by your swimwear like a sponge. Not to mention, there’s also chlorine (if you’re a pool-goer) and other bodily fluids from water-creatures. And you think hanging your bikini up to air dry is enough? Keep reading...

Let us get into the basics of caring for your swimwear 101. If you want to make that adorable two-piece you spent good money on to last for many summers to come, you’re going to have to follow a few rules. You’re not trying to find yet another hole, mysterious discoloration, or your top half a size larger than when you bought it. All of these things can happen if you don’t properly wash, dry, and store away with the proper care. Most swimsuits are made of spandex, nylon, polyester, or a mix of the three. While spandex is a great material that gives a bikini its elastic stretch, that same quality is going to make it vulnerable to deformation when throwing it in the washing machine and dryer. That brings us to advice number 1:

1. Hand wash all your swimwear

Do not, I repeat: DO NOT let your fragile bikini tumble and twist in the washing machine, or god forbid, the dryer. Especially if your bikini comes with strings (which most do), the likelihood they will get tangled up, shrink in size, and lose its elasticity is basically guaranteed.

2. Use gentle detergents

I know you’re probably tempted to get all that sand and sweat off of your precious swimsuit, but chemicals in the detergent can easily eat away at the fabric. Instead, use a detergent intended for sport and activewear. Here is a great one to get you started, but baby soap will do as well. We recommend soaking your bikini for 15 minutes in a soapy bath, then gently scrubbing with your hands and properly rinsing out the soap.

Launch 009 top in Azalea pink
Launch 009 bottom in Azalea pink

3. Let air dry

If there's one thing you should take away from this article, it’s to never tumble dry your bikinis! The harsh heat of the dryer will only make the colors of your bikini fade quicker (something the sun already does plenty for you). Machine-drying your swimsuit is the fastest way to destroy elasticity, so make sure to hang those bikinis up and let loose for 24 hours.

4. Store in a dark and dry place

Have you ever packed your bikini away in perfect condition, only to find it a year later looking… different? Maybe a little... smelly? It’s important that your bikini is stored away in a dry and dark place to avoid moisture seeping into the fabric. Moisture invites bacteria which lead to unappealing smells and holes in your suit. You can keep your (fully dried) bikini in a plastic bag and ensure all the air has been seeped out. Then place it in a box where minimal light seeps through. This allows the bikini to maintain its original color.

You're good to go.

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