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How to Care For Your Skin After Being Out in the Sun

Essential After-Sun

Skincare Routine  

So you’ve got a hot vacation planned, and are planning on getting kissed into a toasty color by the sun. By now, we all know that basking in the sun requires a fair share of precaution. The first thing any skincare guru will recommend is slabbing on a generous amount of SPF, everyday, whether you’re staying in or going out. The sun beams down with harsh UV rays that can be seriously harmful to our bodies, and skin cancer is no joke to be played with.

Before we get crazy, however, let’s just say sunshine ain’t the devil. There’s plenty of research showcasing that getting 15-20 minutes of sun exposure several times a week is the best way to absorb Vitamin D, and basking in warm natural rays can significantly boost your happy hormones. There are simply a couple of steps to be taken in order to prevent skin damage and enjoy those moments of serotonin responsibly. While sunscreen is the best preventative skin care product, there is an essential after-sun skin care procedure to follow for your skin to feel hydrated and revived post sun-soaking-session. So ladies, don’t be afraid to slip into your favorite bikini (which, btw, have their own post-swim care-routine) and hop on the balcony for a lie-down every once in a while. Just make sure to follow the below step by step guide for that after sun skincare routine. 


Step 1: Wash off your sunscreen

Let’s first get the skin prepped into a nice clean slate. When you come back from a relaxing lay in the sun, hop in the shower and wash off any sunscreen, salt, and sweat. Use a gentle cleanser that’s not too harsh. Remember that your skin is now sensitive after taking on the beatings of the sun. Make sure to pat your skin dry before moving onto step 2.

Step 2: Moisturize

Unsurprisingly, the sun dries up the moisture held in your skin. It’s vital therefore to pump that moisture right back in after long sun exposure. You can use your favorite everyday moisturizer here. Whatever your skin is attuned to receiving will be best!

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Step 3: Apply a layer of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is the most common soothing product that heals sunburns and cools the skin. This magical and natural plant can reduce inflammation and redness, things you definitely want after being exposed to the unforgiving UV rays. There are plenty of brands that package aloe vera into bottles, but you can just as easily buy a stem from a supermarket, cut open, and directly apply the gooey juice yourself. 

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Step 4: Use Vitamin E Oil

Have you ever packed your bikini away in perfect condition, only to find it a year later looking… different? Maybe a little... smelly? It’s important that your bikini is stored away in a dry and dark place to avoid moisture seeping into the fabric. Moisture invites bacteria which lead to unappealing smells and holes in your suit. You can keep your (fully dried) bikini in a plastic bag and ensure all the air has been seeped out. Then place it in a box where minimal light seeps through. This allows the bikini to maintain its original color.

Step 5: For the face, use vitamin C oil

Vitamin C oil is essential for skin growth and renewal. After having burned off a good few skin cells, give your skin a little helping hand in creating healthy new ones. It’ll give your collagen a little kick into gear as well.


Don’t use any harsh scrubs, chemicals, or peels after sun exposure! Your skin is already sensitive as is, so opt for gentle products immediately after the sun. Avoid things like retinol acid, glycolic acids, or typically any product aimed at reducing acne.

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