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Welcome to Friends With Benefits, Quatre Swim's loyalty and benefits program. Create an account to collect style points, access exclusive benefits and collect credit towards your next order.

3 Easy Steps

  • Create an account
    Receive 500 style points
  • Start earning
    $1 = 1 style point
  • Claim rewards
    Spend your style points
$0 annual spend
$250 annual spend
$500 annual spend
 Level Benefits
 Collect points 1 per 1$
1 per 1$
2 per 1$
Annual spend 0$ 300$ 500$
Convert points to store credit
Vote on new styles
Early access to our sales
Early access to new collections
Free and unlimited shipping + returns

Let’s get to know each other

Update your profile to collect style points and grow your benefits

Join us
Sign up and start your account with 600 style points
It's your party
Add your birthday and we’ll gift you 300 style points
Bring a friend
Introduce your friends and you'll both receive credit




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