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Meet Quatre Swim [pronounced 'KATR' and French for 'Four'], a Montreal-based swim and ready-to-wear label designed to call forth the euphoric feelings of summer, every season of the year. Every style is inspired by summers spent in the French Riviera, from lively beach clubs to people-watching at upscale oceanfront cafes. Quatre Swim is a creative space for you to daydream, escape and reminisce about carefree days and the warm sun on your skin. 



Minimal cuts, carefully-curated tones and signature recycled fabrics, making each piece an effortless staple to be worn and loved summer, and summer again.

We are a non-seasonal brand, meaning new styles are launched at a slow frequency and in small quantities to steer clear of fast fashion and avoid overproduction. And this is just one of our many efforts towards sustainability. Our styles are intentional and designed to outlast trends everything you need for your next destination x

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